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Research & Development

The motto of R&D:As the technology-leading company, our core resource is the mature research and development system and profound research and development experience. “Massiness, humanity and creation” is the invariable tenet of GCOM products.

The scheme of R&D:With the tropism of client’s needs and technology advancement, establish technology platform, strengthen core competition and gradually extend new field by the concentration of Broadband accessing and Broadband application.   

Strategy of R&D:

·The investment of research and development is no less than 15% of the annual saleroom;
·Gradually optimize network products by searching and conforming the need of client;
·Keep close watch on the development of industrial technology and exploit industrial-leading products.

The managing and technology personnel of GCOM who come from such famous enterprises as Huawei, ZTE, UT and TCL possess rich experience in the industry. There is a high-qualified research and development team with rich experience in the exploiting of products of telecom network, data communicating network and Broadband network, which has the 55% of the total personnel in the company.

We are sure: Technology is the basis for survivorship, and the high-qualified technology personnel is the fortune of the company. GCOM established and consummated a series of mechanism for introducing, training, developing and encouraging persons with ability. Reserving lots of high-qualified young professional technician provides powerful support for research and development.

At the time of continuously introducing high-qualified professionals, GCOM presses on with technology tracking and cooperation for necessary technology storage on one hand, and continuously researches and develops new technology and publishes new products in new field on the other hand. GCOM will go on leading technology explosion with the product of “all optical & all IP ” to be absorbed in developing core leading products in the future, such as next generation Broadband accessing, VOIP products and storage network technology to establish the sustained advantage for competition based on technology leading.




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